Our story


This handcrafted gin is distilled in the Southern part of Flanders, Belgium.

An exquisite composition based on 9 separately distilled botanicals.


Japanese Fugi apples, black pepper and juniper berries are the leading ingredients. 


Multiple awarded by International organizations on taste and design since 2016.


The result is a very accessible and perfectly balanced gin with tasting notes of Indian cinnamon, Spanish lemon and black pepper.


Distilled with passion, knowledge and craftsmanship.


                              Signed by Gilles and Liam



Perfect serve

  • Fill your glass with ice. 

  • Add 5cl Gilliam's Gin

  • Fill your glass with a neutral tonic 

  • Add two slices of apple  

  • A turn from the pepper mill

Perfect as digestive

  • Take a small glass 
  • Fill it with two small ice cubes
  • Add 5cl Gilliam's Gin 

Youngster drink

  • Fill a long drink glass with ice. 
  • Add 5cl of Gilliam's Gin
  • Fill your glass with apple juice 


GILLIAM'S around the World

Gilliam's is distributed in the US, Europe and Asia and is still looking for opportunities.


So, drop us a line ....


- If you would like to know if Gilliam's is available in your country


- To discuss in all transparency what the opportunities are  to distribute Gilliam's in your country.


- Just to say hello 


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 GILLIAM'S Gin - Sint-Pietersstraat 9 - 8582 Outrijve - BELGIUM






Owner / Founder

Thomas Wittouck

+32 472 68 29 81